In Crazy Machines, use your imagination to build wacky "Rube Goldberg" contraptions that accomplish certain tasks! Add and remove elements from the play area and watch them work together. Turn the crank, rotate the gears, or push the levers. Use the catapult, blow it up, or fly it... from grilling sausages with a pulley, gears, and rubberbands, to firing a cannon with a basketball, Crazy Machines will light up your imagination with creative and addictive fun!

Additional Details

Company Viva Media
Size 40MB, about 1 minute on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date June 3, 2009

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP or Vista
Processor Pentium - 800MHz or better
Video card RAM 32MB
DirectX Version 8.0 or above
PC Download Puzzle Rental Unlimited Play with wild Brain Power Physics


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